Setting weights on individual goals

Modified on Mon, 10 Jun 2024 at 04:31 PM

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new feature in our software: Weighted Goals! This feature represents an evolution in how performances are tracked and evaluated by allowing you to assign weights to individual goals. This ensures that each objective contributes appropriately to the overall performance metrics, reflecting its true importance.

Why weighted Goals?

Previously, the overall rating scores were calculated with the assumption that each goal had equal weight. However, we understand that not all goals are created equal. Some goals play a pivotal role in driving success, while others support broader objectives. By enabling this new feature, you can start adding goal weights today and ensure a more nuanced and accurate performance assessment.

How it Works

With the Weighted Goals feature, you can now:

  • Assign Specific Weights: The Weighted Goals feature allows you to assign specific weights to each goal within the system. These weights reflect the relative importance of each goal to the overall success of the individual. Whether you're prioritizing sales targets, customer satisfaction metrics, or professional development goals, you can tailor the weighting system to align with your unique objectives and priorities.
  • Automatic Calculations: Once goals are set and performance is evaluated, the system automatically calculates final ratings based on the assigned weights. This ensures that each goal's contribution to the overall performance assessment is accurately reflected, providing a fair and comprehensive evaluation process.

Key Benefits

  • Customizable Evaluation: Tailor the evaluation process to align with your organization's specific goals and priorities by assigning weights to reflect their importance.
  • Transparent Performance Assessment: Provide clarity and transparency in performance evaluations by ensuring that each goal's contribution is accurately represented in the final ratings.


Everyone will have the ability to define the weights for their goals. Once goals are rated in an appraisal or 360 survey, the weights will be applied when calculating the final ratings.

In this example the goals have weights of 20%, 20% and 60%.

Calculating Ratings

Here's an example of how ratings are calculated once assessments are completed:

With equal weights, the final score would be calculated in this way:

(2 + 3 + 4)/3 = 3

With the weights in the example above, the final score is much higher the goal with a 60% weight received a high score:

(2 * 20/100 + 3 * 20/100 + 4 * 60/100) = 3.4


This new feature is turned off by default so you can decide when you want to turn it on. It can also be turned on only on specific review cycles. This will allow you to enable it on a test cycle at first so you can make sure everything works as expected before deciding if you want to announce it to your team.

When creating or modifying a review cycle you will see a new option under the Goals settings:

Select the "Allow weights" checkbox to turn the feature on for a given review cycle.

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