Understanding Cascading Goals

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With Cascading Goals, you can align individual goals with team goals and with organizational goals in a way that better reflects goal progress for you and your teams. When you enable the Cascading Goals, you will have the ability to:

  • Define Company, Team and Individual goals.
  • Define parent-child relationships for your goals to build a hierarchy that represents how goals align.
  • See how the progress of child goals impact the progress of linked goals up and down the goal hierarchy.

What are the different types of goals?

Individual Goals

Individual goals are the simplest type of goal. They are owned by an individual that will be responsible for the achievement of that goal. Progress for individual goals can be tracked via key results. Individual goals can be linked to a parent goal (a team or company goal they are aligned with). By defining a parent goal you make sure progress of the individual goal is used to calculate overall progress of the parent goal.

Team Goals

Team goals are owned by a Team/Manager. When defining a team goal you will be able to set the goal and define a parent goal to establish a goal hierarchy.

Company Goals

Are top level goals and can be created by only by administrators. Administrators can assign these goals to owners that will then be able to make changes to the goal and will be responsible for the achievement of the goal.

Defining goal relationships

Individual and Team goals can be linked to parent goals to build a hierarchy of goals. To establish the link you simply edit the goal and use the Add Parent button. Then use the search panel to find and select the goal you want to align with.

How is goal progress calculated?

Progress for individual goals is calculated using the progress of all the key results under that goal.

For company and team goals, the progress is calculated based on the progress of all their child goals.

How to enable Cascading Goals?

Note that this feature is optional. Cascading goals may not be for everyone, if you prefer to continue using goals in the same way as today, you will not need to change anything. When you're ready to use this new feature you can turn it on for your next goal cycle. When creating your next cycle just use the "Allow cascading goals" checkbox to turn the feature on.

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