Discover our 9-box Grid and Talent Heatmap analytics

Modified on Fri, 10 Mar 2023 at 11:59 AM

Looking for more insights on employees’ performance analytics? You can now add a Rating Matrix directly to your questionnaires for appraisals and 360 degree feedback surveys. This allows you to display an individual's ratings on a grid.

Rating Matrix in your questionnaires

You can pick any two assessment sections that contain rating questions to create your Rating Matrix. Primalogik will then display the results inside a matrix based on those two sections. That rating matrix can be a 9-box grid (if you use 3-point rating scales) or any other dimension up to 10 by 10. Here's an example of how that will look like. In this case the assessment places this person in the high performance / high potential quadrant:

Here's an article with more details on how to add the matrix to a questionnaire: Incorporating a 9-box grid in your questionnaires

Discover the new Talent Matrix analytics

You do not need to include a rating matrix in your questionnaires to benefit from the new talent heatmap analytics. You can display a talent heatmap using all your staff's ratings within the reporting and analytics section. This is a great way to display the distribution of your talent across two axis of your choice.

Here's an example where you can quickly see where the organization's talent is positioned on a grid with Potential and Performance used as dimensions. In this specific team and organization, 16.67% of the people assessed are categorized as high potential and high performance individuals.

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