In order to launch a performance appraisal, 360 survey or opinion survey, you must first create a questionnaire. 

To create a questionnaire, click on Questionnaires under Settings on the left menu and then select the + Add Questionnaire button at the top right of your screen.

Give your questionnaire a name at the top. Then choose your rating scale. Click the box just below if you would like to allow a different rating scale for each section of your questionnaire. 

Then select whether you would like the questionnaire to be available to use as a performance appraisal, 360 survey, opinion survey, or all. 

Below, keep the status set to Active to be able to choose it on your list when launching an appraisal/survey. 

Next, if the rating scale of your questionnaire does not include N/A you will be able to set different weights for each rating question if you like by checking the box next to Question Weights. The final report will show weighted averages or regular averages for each section depending on your selection.

You can then start adding your questions. At this point, you have two options to add questions. 

A) Click on the Copy from library button at the top right to copy questions from another already created questionnaire either from your list or sample templates included in the Primalogik gallery.

B) Click on the + icon to the right of the first blank section and choose from one of the three standard question options, rating, free text or multiple-choice question. If you are creating a questionnaire for a performance appraisal or a 360 survey you will also have the option to add advanced questions in regards to goal, competency or responsibility. Primalogik will automatically pull in the information from the goals module for the specific person being reviewed based on the chosen review cycle launched. 

The + icon also allows you to add a section heading or a static text block that you can use to add instructions, reasons for launching the appraisal/survey etc.

Use the pencil icon to edit any section or question in your questionnaire and the trash can to delete anything you do not need. 

You can also move sections and questions in a different order by clicking and dragging on the icon at the top left corner of each.