Incorporating a 9-box grid in your questionnaires

Modified on Wed, Nov 29, 2023 at 10:58 PM

You can use a 9-box grid (3 by 3 grids are typical but you can also have 4 by 4 or other dimensions) to display ratings in two separate sections within the a grid or matrix.

Adding a Talent matrix

The grid or matrix can be added in the same way you add other elements. Using the "plus" button you will find the menu that allows to add questions and other elements. Use the "Rating matrix" option to add it to your questionnaire:

You will then be asked to define which sections you want to use as the X and Y axis for the matrix. In this case we're using "Potential" and "Performance":

Once you press "Done", the matrix will be added to the desired section and will be displayed so you can see what it will look like once the assessments are launched. Here's an example:

Note that the number of boxes in your matrix will depend on the number of options in the rating scales used in the corresponding sections. If you want a 9-box matrix (like the one above), make sure both sections use a 3-point scale.

How does it wok?

The Matrix is a display-only widget. The average ratings for all the questions in the selected sections will be used to determine on which box the rating indicator will be displayed. Here are some more details explaining how that display works in two different situations.

When completing an assessment

When someone is completing an assessment the matrix will reflect the ratings selected by the person completing the assessment. The indicator on the matrix will be updated in real-time which means changes to any ratings will immediately show on the rating matrix.

In the final results of an assessment

In the final results, the indicator on the rating matrix will display the self and manager assessments or the average for all respondents in the case of a 360 survey.

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