Results of your surveys are not shared automatically with the person being evaluated. You will need to manually share those results when you're ready. Once survey responses are in, you will want to analyze results and share those results with the person being evaluated. Primalogik 360 allows you to share results in two ways:

  • via the application (using the "Share" button)
  • via a PDF file

There are two buttons in the results page that allow you to share results via the application or download a PDF.

#1: Sharing results via the application

Using the "Share" button you can choose one of these options:

  1. Not shared: This is the default. Users do not have access to their results via the application until they are shared with them.
  2. Shared: Allows the person being reviewed to access their results page. Users will find links to all the results shared with them in their Dashboard and in their Profile page. When using this option you can specify whether you want to share text responses or not. If you only want to share responses to rating and multiple-choice questions, you can select the "Do not share text responses" option.

Sharign settings - 360 feedback

When you change the sharing setting, an email will be sent to the person who has been evaluated to inform them of the change. When it is changed to "Shared", the email will contain a link to the results page and it will also explain that they can access all the results shared with them via their profile page.

Anonymity of Responses

The person evaluated will only be able to identify the comments entered as a self-evaluation and the comments from the manager. The rest of the comments will be anonymized. Note that comments will only be displayed if text responses were shared as well (see above).

#2: Sharing results via a PDF file

Download the result to a PDF file with one click. You can later store that file with the employee records or share it with the employee via email. You may want to look at the Display Options menu to make sure your PDF contains the information you want to share. You can use Display Options to show comparisons, control how the summary section is displayed and how respondent names are anonymized (see below). You can also decide whether you want to include comments in the PDF. If you want to only include responses to rating and multiple-choice questions, you can use the "Hide free text questions" option.

360 feedback report - display options

Anonymity of Responses

Depending on the type of survey and your privileges, you may be able to identify individual responses (the comments provided by each respondent will be identified with the name of the person that provided each comment). If you want to export the report to PDF without showing the names of each respondent, you can use the "Hide respondent's names" option within the "Display Options" menu.

Once you do that the names with be hidden (only the self-evaluation and comments from the manager will be identified) and you'll be able to export the anonymized report to a PDF file for sharing.