Understanding 360° feedback survey results

Modified on Fri, May 12, 2023 at 9:52 AM

Results are accessible from the 360 Surveys page. Find the reviewee whose report you would like to view and press Results next to their name.

Here's an overview of what the basic results page looks like:

The report will indicate:

  • All relevant employee information (name, job title, team/department, hire date, review cycle)
  • Stats on how many participants were invited, responded, etc.
  • A summary section with averages for each section + overall total
  • Responses to each individual question, displayed in the order it was when you designed your questionnaire

If you have chosen to keep your review anonymous, free text responses will appear like this:

Primalogik will always show the employee's name for their self-review responses. By default, all other responses are anonymized and randomized (to prevent the reviewee from deducing the identity of the respondents).

If ever you would like to modify a comment (to correct spelling mistakes or to reword something to protect someone's identity), you can use the pencil mark next to the comment. See our article on modifying text responses for more information.

Benchmarking through comparison mode

As a manager or HR administrator, you can use Primalogik's comparison mode to benchmark your employee against the rest of their colleagues.

Simply go to Display Options > "Enable comparison mode" to turn this on.

You will then be able to see the results of this person's report compared to all other employees who were reviewed in the same cycle with the same exact questionnaire.

The blue lines represent the current reviewee's average scores and the black lines represent the rest of their colleagues' average scores.

In the 1st question above, "Makes an effort to listen and tries to understand people's ideas", you can see that the reviewee's peers have given her a lower average score (2.7) than other colleagues' peers (4.0).

To share a review with the employee:

By default, the system does not give the reviewee access to their review. The review must be shared, either by the person's assigned manager (or manager's manager and so on) or an HR Administrator.

You must click the Share button at the top of the screen and switch the state from "Not shared" to "Shared" and press Save.

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