Reviewees can provide suggest a list of people they think are good candidates to provide feedback about them. These are called participants suggestions or nominations. Here's an article that shows how that works: Suggesting (nominating) reviewers for your own 360 survey

Once the reviewee send the list of participants, the person responsible for approvals (if any) is notified by email (also has an item in their Tasks list). the notification looks like this:

In this case, Eli's manager Amélie was asked to review the suggestions and approve/deny them. She can press the "View list" button to see the suggestions Eli made. Those who were already added by the survey administrator will also be visible on the screen.

*Note: anyone who was already selected as a participant by the survey administrator will not need to be approved again (see Andrea Kennedy).

The person reviewing suggestions must press Save when everything is finalized.

*Note: The reviewee will not be notified of any approvals or rejections.