How do reviewee suggestions work?

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There may be situations where the person launching a review does not know all the people with who a particular reviewee has worked with during a given period. If this is the case in your situation, you may want to allow the reviewee to suggest participants when launching the survey.

Click the advanced options link at the bottom of the launch screen and check off the box that says "Ask reviewee to suggest participants"

Putting a limit on number of suggestions:

You can also put a cap on the number of suggestions and you can define these rules by going to Settings-->Assessments-->360 surveys. Here you can choose whether you want to put "No restrictions" for the suggestions or want to cap the number of suggestions made by the reviewee. This limit/capping will only apply to the number of suggestions that the reviewee can make and this will not affect the number of participants that could be otherwise added either by the admin or the manager.

The approval process:

By default, the reviewee suggestions are to be approved by the survey administrator (the person who presses Save when launching the survey). However, you have 3 other options for approvals:

  1. The reviewee's assigned manager can review the suggestions
  2. You can search for someone else in the organization to approve/deny the suggestions (they do not have to have any special privileges and/or manager status -- this can be done by anyone in the organization)
  3. No approvals. If you trust the employee to make appropriate suggestions (for instance, you trust them to select people other than just their close friends), you can select Nobody.

How does the process move forward?

When you have set up everything for your survey and finally press the Save button, the system will automatically send an email to the reviewee asking them to make suggestions for their survey.

Below is a sample of the email the reviewee receives:

Once the employee clicks the link to make suggestions, they are brought to a screen to enter names for their survey (they can also access this through their Tasks list). The employee can either type in names or use the Quick Add button.

Once the reviewee presses the Save button, the person responsible for approvals (if any) is notified by email (also has an item in their Tasks list).

In this case, Eli's manager Amélie was asked to review the suggestions and approve/deny them. She can press the "View list" button to see the suggestions Eli made. Those who were already added by the survey administrator will also be visible on the screen.

*Note: anyone who was already selected as a participant by the survey administrator will not need to be approved again (see Andrea Kennedy).

The person reviewing suggestions must press Save when everything is finalized.

*Note: The reviewee will not be notified of any approvals or rejections.

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