As you know the COVID-19 is affecting almost everybody and is present in almost every country, including Canada where Primalogik is based. For that reason, we're monitoring the situation very closely.

We are already experiencing school closures, bans on gatherings for more than 250 people, and some travel restrictions. This will impact some of our external activities, including our participation at the HRTech conference in Montreal next May. We will need to adapt some of our plans accordingly.

Our service and support remains fully available

At Primalogik we are very well prepared for remote work and we've been practicing remote work for quite some time. For that reason, we're encouraging employees to work remotely from home or from satellite offices. Rest assured that all services will remain available as usual, including phone, chat, and email support.

Travel restrictions

At this time, the government of Canada is recommending to not travel abroad. We're of course following that recommendation. We have only one employee currently traveling outside of the Country and we will be monitoring their situation and following recommendations upon their return.