There are several pieces of data that can be exported from Primalogik. This article explains the different data and how to accomplish each export.


Individual results (either Appraisals or 360 surveys) can be exported to PDF by using the "Download PDF" button available when viewing the results.

User configuration

All the user data entered into Primalogik can be exported through the Manage Users tool. First, select the columns that you'd like to see displayed, and then use the export functionality as shown below.


All the information available via the Reports menu is also exportable in the same way that it is done in the Manage Users tool, in other words, select the columns that you want to display and then use the export functionality.

We continue to improve the exporting functionality available in Primalogik. If there is particular data that you'd like to export and it's not available with one of the methods above, please let us know via email at