Primalogik offers two distinct tools to do employee performance management.

  1. Employee Appraisals
  2. 360 degree feedback surveys

Employee Appraisals
The Employee Appraisal module is used between two particular individuals only: the employee and the manager. There are no other participants in this tool. The process for an employee appraisal is simplified for convenience and effectiveness within Primalogik to three steps:
  1. Employee self-evaluation
  2. Manager appraisal
  3. Sharing of the results
So, within the Employee Appraisal module, the system will automate the process of alerts and reminders for these three steps.

360 degree feedback surveys
The 360 degree feedback survey module is a tool dedicated to collecting feedback about one employee (or user), usually called the target of the survey, and having one or more participants.

It is usually a good idea to include the person being reviewed in a 360 survey, and Primalogik will display results accordingly when it recognizes the self-review.

For more information on the difference between these two tools please refer to the blog post titled What's the Difference Between 360 Degree Feedback and an Appraisal?