What's the importance of Departments in Primalogik in managing Access Controls?

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The Manage Teams page allows you to map to your reporting structure.

The Team structure inside Primalogik has a few purposes:

  1. Launching surveys
  2. Access control to results - visibility
  3. Possibility of identifying respondents
  4. Determines who will participate in the performance appraisal process
  5. Display of different respondent groups

Launching surveys

Users with the HR privilege and managers of their teams can launch 360 surveys as well as appraisals.

When the manager of a team logs in and accesses the Performance Appraisals or 360° Surveys page, she will only have access to the people reporting to her, in other words, those people that belong to that team. Using the "Teams" filter button a manager can choose to view only their direct reports, all their subordinates, or select specific Teams they are responsible for. In the example below, the manager chose to view all the direct reports.

Access control to results

Another important aspect of the Teams setup is control over accessing the results (either performance appraisals or 360 surveys).  When the results are ready to be accessed, only the following people can access those results:
  1. The manager of that individual.
  2. The manager's manager of that individual, and so on.
  3. Any other user with the HR privilege.

So, in the following example, Max H, who's the manager of the Customer Retention team, has access to all results of those employees within that department. Anibal J. and Eric J. also have access since they are managers to Max H.

Possibility of identifying respondents

When launching a 360 survey, one of the settings available is for controlling the anonymity of responses. With the settings shown below, you can further control whether the managers (and manager's managers) can identify respondents. 

For more information on 360 survey anonymity, please read the document Understanding survey anonymity.

Participation in the performance appraisal process

Managers are also an integral part of the Performance Appraisal process.  The person identified as the Manager will be the one responsible for doing step 2 in the Performance Appraisal process as described below.

Once the self-evaluation is done, the Manager will complete her part of the appraisal.

Display of different respondent groups

When you set up departments accordingly, Primalogik will be able to identify the relationship between different employees (users). Primalogik is able to automatically identify the following roles, depending on the setup of the users/departments:

  • Peers: users who are within the same Department are considered Peers
  • Manager: the person who manages the Department is considered to be the Manager for all users within that Department
  • Direct Reports: all users within a Department are considered to be Direct Reports of the Manager of that Department
So, if you set up users/departments accordingly you'll be able to see the following display within 360-degree reports:


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