In order to use the comparison functionality in Primalogik, where you can compare the results with prior instances of a survey, proper questionnaires need to be created.

In order for Primalogik to allow you to compare you need to use the same questionnaire across different cycles. Otherwise, there would be no way for the application to know how to compare results.  In other words, the best way to create the questionnaires, if you want to use the comparison tools across cycles, is not to create questionnaires that are based on dates. For instance, rather than using questionnaires names like:

  • Managers feedback 2016Q1
  • Software Development 2015
  • Sales Interactions F2014 - Q3
Use more generic names for the questionnaires so that you can re-use them across cycles:
  • Managers feedback
  • Software Development
  • Sales Interactions
And then, each one of the cycles will have the date part of the questionnaire. Once you do that, you'll be able to compare progress across cycles, like shown in the video below.