When writing Performance Appraisals you might have a situation where you need to differentiate questions that will show up for one or another person participating in the appraisal. So, for instance, you might have a question that you want only the Employee (Self) to see and fill in, while you have another question where you want only the Manager to see and fill in.

Primalogik provides this functionality via the visibility setting. This setting will only be available for those questionnaires that are set to be used for "Performance appraisals" so make sure you set the "Use for:" field appropriately and then the Visibility option will show up:

Once that happens, you'll notice the "Visible to:" fields displayed. These fields can then be selected appropriately for each section. See the animated video below for more guidance.

Note: This setting applies only during the period of time when the user is filling in the survey. Once the results are displayed (or the report has been shared), both users (managers and employees) will see all responses, regardless of the visibility settings.