Respondent Groups are a great feature in order to be able to better analyze the results gathered during a 360 degree survey.  Primalogik 360 comes with the following Respondent Groups created by default and participants in a 360 survey are automatically placed into them as follows:

  1. Self                    Automatically assigned to the participant who is being evaluated
  2. Manager            Automatically assigned to the participant directly managing the person being evaluated
  3. Peers                 Automatically assigned to participants with the same manager as person being evaluated
  4. Direct reports    Automatically assigned to all of those whose manager is the person being evaluated

You can see these Respondent Groups when you are about to launch a survey and you are adding participants:

These Respondent Groups allow you to slice and dice the results once you obtain the responses from these individuals.

You can change the way you display this at any time, even after the submission of the results, via the Edit Survey mechanism. This is a great way to visualize how the different groups see the person being evaluated. By modifying the Respondent Group for a respondent you can "move" their response from one group to another.

Note that Self and Manager are special and can only be assigned to one individual as per the organization structure defined in the Departments area. Self can only be the person being reviewed, while Manager can only be the person who's designated as the Manager in the Department for that given individual.

Please note that if you want to add a new Respondent Group, we can easily do that. Simply submit a request to