Employees can easily modify their self evaluation, if:

  1. the manager has not completed steps #2 or #3 of the evaluation process, and
  2. the deadline for the self-evaluation is still in the future.

Employees can re-open their self-appraisal by going to their To Do list and finding the appraisal in the Completed Tasks section. Clicking the Reopen button will allow them to modify their responses, as shown below:

If the deadline has passed, you will need to Extend the deadline of a performance appraisal session.

If the manager has completed steps #2 and #3, the manager will have to first undo step #3 (using the "Share" button to change back to Unshared). Then the manager will also need to reopen their own appraisal in the Completed Tasks section. If the manager does not need to modify any answers themselves they can select Save Draft for the time being, until the employee has finished their part of the evaluation again.