To create a survey you need to go to the 360° Surveys page. Once you have found the person you want to request feedback on (the target of the survey), you must click on the the "Launch" button and complete the new survey form:

First, select:

  • Review cycle,
  • Deadline (you can change it later if you wish to give people a few more days to provide their feedback),
  • Questionnaire, and
  • Survey anonymity type

Once that's done you must decide who should be invited to provide feedback for this person. You can do this in three different ways:

#1. Adding people by name or email address

Use the search box labeled "Request feedback from:" to find anyone in your organization. Matching names will appear automatically as you type.

#2. Adding people using the Quick Add button

You can easily add different groups of people like peers and direct reports using the quick add button. In the example above, two peers of Alyson can be added with one click.

#3. Asking the person being evaluated to suggest participants

When you're not sure who should participate, you can ask the person being evaluated to suggest a few names. Once the suggestions are submitted you will have the ability to approve or reject each name suggested so you can invite only the ones you think are more suitable for the evaluation.

Once you're done, click on "Save". You will be prompted if you want to send email invites to the participants. If you click on "Yes, send", everyone will get an email invite immediately. If you do not want to send the invites immediately just say "Not this time". You will be able to send invites later combining invites so that each participant receives a single email.