There are two types of users that can start surveys and see results:

#1: Administrators and HR

A user with Administrator privileges or with HR privilege can start a survey on anyone in the organization and can view results for surveys done on anyone within the organization. For this reason, you'll want to make sure you give these privileges only to the people that absolutely need them.

#2: Managers

Managers can start surveys on their employees or any employee under their hierarchy (more details below) only. The managers in your organization will most likely be the ones responsible for interpreting the results of 360-degree surveys so they need access to those results.

To correctly specify the management relationships, you need to properly configure the departments (or units) in your organization and you also need to assign each user to their corresponding department.

To configure your departments and department hierarchy, go to the departments page:!department

Here's an example

Imagine you have a simple structure like this one configured in your departments:

Now assume there are 10 employees in the Customer Support team. Here's what happens:

  • In this case, Tom can request feedback on the 10 employees he's responsible for. He can also see the results once the feedback arrives.
  • If later Tom moves on to another position and is replaced by Jane, Jane will have the ability to see the results and Tom will not be able to access them any more.
  • Mike (VP Client Services) can request feedback on Tom. But he can also see the results for everybody within Tom's team. And he will be able to compare the results with the Deployment Services' results.
  • Alice (the CEO) will be able to see the results for anyone within the organization.