By adding a hire date or anniversary date to your user's profile, you can easily set up custom reminders that can notify HR or managers, by email, of upcoming appraisals or 360 surveys or surveys that need to be launched.

The reminder will be sent to HR or the corresponding manager indicating it's time to launch appraisals for the employees with the matching hire date. The email will contain a link that will bring them back to the Appraisals page where they can launch assessments in one go. It will look something like this:

The people that need assessments launched will be pre-filtered for them so they will have to just select them and click on Next. In the example above I have two employees that triggered my reminder as they both have the same hire date (Jan 5th). 

On the next page they will have to select the questionnaire and deadlines and then use the Launch button to send the invitations out.