To create a new goal for yourself, click on the Goals tab in the menu bar.

To create a new goal, click the blue '+ Add' button to the right of the page.

A popup window will then appear where you can enter all of the criteria for your goal.

You will be asked to define:

  • Title: Short description of the goal
  • Description: The full context/nuance of the goal
  • Status: What stage are you at with this goal? For example, if you're already actively working on this goal but it's not yet finished, mark it as 'In Progress'.
  • Deadline (optional): Some goals are open-ended and if so, leave this blank. Otherwise, set a deadline for the expected completion date.
  • Category (optional): Choose from one of the categories listed to better organize your goals. Most organizations want to see their employee's use 
  • Set a review cycle (optional). If this goal will be rated on an evaluation form, be sure to associate it with the correct review cycle
  • Tracking (optional): Does this goal have a target number? Or perhaps some smaller, individualized steps that contribute to the goal?
    • Key results: use this option for tracking individual small steps
    • Quantifiable target: use this option when the target of your goal is numerical