Do you have certain rating scale questions you think are more important than others? One of our newest features is the ability to weight rating scale questions.

When creating a new questionnaire, use the checkbox option to select "Set different weights for each rating question." One limitation of this feature is that you MUST use a rating scale that does not include N/A as a response. The option to use this will feature will be disabled. N/A is given a value of 0 in our coding structure and thus would render all scores 0 when multiplying the weight.

Once you've added a rating question, you'll see a red box appear with it. Clicking any of the red question weight boxes below will open the exact same floating pop-up window where you will then be able to input your desired weights.

After clicking any of the 4 red boxes in the example above, the following dialog box will appear. You may enter any percentages you wish as long as they add up to 100%.

Note: It is only possible to weigh individual questions within a section. It is not possible to weigh entire sections.