Importing users from a spreadsheet

Modified on Mon, 24 Apr 2023 at 03:57 PM

If you are planning on adding more than a handful of users at one time, uploading via a spreadsheet may be a good option to save time. It is best to use our sample spreadsheet.

There are only 3 required fields:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address

You can include the following optional fields, as well:

  1. Manager email (highly recommended)
  2. Job title
  3. Job description
  4. Mobile phone
  5. Location
  6. Division
  7. Department
  8. Job Type
  9. About
  10. Account status (Active, Deactivated, Locked)
  11. Work phone
  12. Twitter username
  13. Skype name
  14. LinkedIn profile URL
  15. Home phone
  16. Home address
  17. City
  18. Country code (Standard 2-character codes; i.e. US, UK, DE -- See this Wikipedia article for a full list)
  19. ZIP/postal code
  20. Date of birth (must be in format yyyy-mm-dd)
  21. Employee ID
  22. Hire date (must be in format yyyy-mm-dd)
  23. Exit date (must be in format  yyyy-mm-dd)
  24. Resume
  25. Compensation
  26. Preferred language code (Use a two letter code: en, es, fr)

Once you have compiled your spreadsheet, you will copy/paste it into our system on the Import Users from Spreadsheet page. (Please feel free to delete the standard column headers that are listed on this page if you are also copying the headers from your spreadsheet).

Don't be too concerned with how the data looks when you copy/paste. The system essentially maps the information based on tabs that are pulled from the spreadsheet.

On the next page, the system will ask you to confirm that the headers from your spreadsheet match the fields that exist in Primalogik. If you are using our spreadsheet, you should have no problem here. If you used one you made yourself and things are not formatted properly, you can do the mapping at this stage.

Notice that 'First name' under Header matches the Primalogik Field (as do the rest of the headers).

Once you confirm that the headers all match the Primalogik fields, press Preview to see the user accounts that will be coming in.

In most cases, you'll want to import all of the users from your spreadsheet. Use the top checkbox (displayed in the screenshot above) to choose everyone. Otherwise, feel free to use the individual check boxes next to each person's name to select one-by-one.

Be sure to press Import Selected Users to finalize the process.

*Note: The system will not send any account confirmation emails to these users at this point. If you would like to do so, see our article Sending account confirmation emails en masse.

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