When all assessments in a given cycle are wrapped up, you may want to archive them. Doing so has 3 main benefits:

1. All reviews in the cycle will disappear from the To Do list of invited participants who never completed the assessment. This helps declutter the list of tasks and makes it easier to find ongoing assessments they need to complete.

2. The ability to launch surveys in an archived cycle is disabled. Launching reviews for incorrect cycles is much less likely by doing this. Archived cycles are hidden, by default, in the review cycle drop-down list.

3. Goals cannot be created or moved to archived cycles. This ensures that users only create goals for the present or future.

Can I still view the results from assessments in an archived cycle?

Yes! To access the results in an archived cycle, click the Review Cycle drop-down menu, select the filter button and click "Show archived cycles".

How do I archive a cycle?

Cycles can be archived in the same place they're created. Go to Manage Account > Review Cycles. Click the Edit button for any of your given cycles and you'll see a simple checkbox to denote it as archived.