Traditionally, review cycles are configured by admin/HR users in Manage Account > Review Cycles. However, there may be cases where you just want to get things set up quickly. Also, creating cycles 'on-the-fly' is permitted to managers, whereas the Manage Account > Review Cycles page is reserved for admin/HR users only.

If you are on the Appraisals or 360 Surveys pages, you will notice a small "+" button just to the right of the review cycle. Use this to create your cycle right then and there.

Once you've pressed the "+" button, a popup will appear for you to set the parameters for your new cycle.

Not all of the fields are required. You must:

  • Enter a cycle name
  • Choose an assessment option (appraisals and/or 360s, opinion surveys)
  • Choose a workflow

After pressing Save, you will be taken to the new cycle, with a blank slate.