In the event that a user account has been created with an invalid email address, you will receive a bounce notification email from letting you know that the email was not delivered. The user who triggered the email (i.e. the person who launched a survey with the employee with the incorrect email address as a participant) will receive the bounce notification from the system. You will only receive one bounce notification per 24-hour period. Please note that the email sent from may not reach you immediately as the server may take several minutes/hours to process the message failure.

Below is an example of the email you would receive from the system:

What can I do to make sure the employee is invited to the survey?

There are two things that need to happen to make sure the user receives an email notification to the survey.

1. To correct the employee's email address, you will need to have user management privileges. Click on the 'gear' button in the menu bar and select Users. From there, find the employee user account in question and click the Edit button. You will then be able to correct their email address.

Note: If you do not have user management privileges, please contact your system administrator to make the change. If you are unsure who your account administrator is, you can click the Question Mark (?) button in the top-right of your menu bar and then choose Contact. The grey box located at the top of the Contact page will let you know who your system administrator is.

2. Once the employee's email address has been corrected there is one more step to complete for them to receive the email notification. You must find the survey in question that they were invited to on the Appraisals and 360 Surveys page and click Edit. At the bottom of the page you will find the participants list. Next to the employee's name you will see a mail icon. Press this button and they will now receive the email notification.