In the event that a user account has been created with an invalid email address and they have been invited to participate in a review, the person who triggered the email (i.e. launched the review with this person as a participant) will receive a bounce notification email from letting you know that the email was not delivered.

You will only receive one bounce notification per 24-hour period. Please note that the email sent from may not reach you immediately as the server may take several minutes/hours to process the message failure.

Below is an example of the email you would receive from the system:

What can I do to make sure the employee is invited to the survey?

You must follow both of the steps listed below to make sure the user receives their invitation.

1. First, correct the employee's email address by going to the Users page. Find the person in question and press Edit next to their name. Correct the email address and press Save at the bottom of the screen to register the change.

2. After the email address has been updated, go to the review (either 360 or appraisal) they were invited to and press Edit. Find the user whose email address was corrected (Martine in this example) and press the 'mail' icon to trigger a new notification.