Should a user with either Administrator or HR privileges want to be evaluated with a 360 survey, it is necessary that the person initiating the survey is not the same individual being reviewed. As long as that's the case, there will be no issues with anonymity and there will be no issues with access controls to the report itself.

When a manager (or another person with HR privilege) launches a 360 survey on an individual with Administrator or HR privileges the same regular conditions for anonymity are enforced.

The individual being reviewed will not be able to access the final report until the results have been shared.

Once the report is shared, the person being reviewed (Anibal Jodorcovsky in the case below) will have access to the report, but he will not be able to use the filter mechanism:


Nor will he be able to identify respondents:


The only case where the above is not true is when the anonymity setting "Reviewee can identify respondents." is selected. For more details on anonymity please refer to Understanding survey anonymity in 360 feedback surveys.

Important note regarding access to other individuals with HR privilege

In the case where two individuals with HR privilege are evaluated, they will not be able to see each other's assessments (either appraisals or 360 surveys) unless one of those individuals is the manager of the other.

In other words, consider the following situation:

  • Mary is the HR Manager
  • Sean and Sarah both work in the HR department reporting to Mary, and they both have the HR privilege
  • Mary wants to launch an appraisal and 360 survey to evaluate both Sean and Sarah
  • Mary will be able to access Sean and Sarah's assessments since she's the manager of the team
  • Sean and Sarah will be able to access everybody's assessments - because they have the HR privilege
  • Sean will not be able to access Sarah's assessments and vice versa.