Managers can modify their part of the evaluation, if:

  • the manager has not completed step #3 (results sharing) of the evaluation process, and
  • the deadline for the appraisal is still in the future.

If the deadline has passed, you will need to Extend the deadline of a performance appraisal session.

If the manager has completed step #3, he/she will have to undo this step (using the "Share" button).

To reopen the appraisal and start making changes, he/she can:

  1. Find the evaluation in the Performance Appraisals page
  2. Press the "Results" button for the corresponding employee.
  3. Use the "modify" link that appears near the top of the results page. Here's what that link looks like:

Alternatively, the manager can find the corresponding task in the To Do list and use the "Reopen" button: