Default appraisal workflow in Primalogik

Modified on Mon, May 31, 2021 at 3:22 PM

In Primalogik, there is a standard default workflow that consists of employee self-review before the manager review.

This means that the self-review is required before the manager can get started on their portion of the appraisal. The manager will not be allowed to finish their part of the review until the employee presses Submit.

The main advantage of this workflow is that the manager can view the employee's self-responses while filling out their portion of the review. Notice the "tick" marks under each rating question which indicate the employee response as well as the open-ended text responses which appear right below the manager's text responses.

When the appraisal is completed by the manager, the system will create a final results page where both the employee and manager's responses are displayed.

Part of the default workflow allows the appraisal to be "shared" with the reviewee through the application. This action can be done by either the manager (or manager's manager and so on) or any HR Administrator.

The final results page will have a Share button at the top if/when you are ready to give access to the reviewee.

If you would like, you can require an approval step before the appraisal is able to be shared. You can also require signatures if the appraisal calls for it. Neither of these are turned on for the default workflow.

For more information on approvals and signatures, take a look at:

Adding an approval step before appraisals can be shared with reviewee

Adding signatures to performance appraisals

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