Primalogik 360 sends reminder emails automatically to any participant who hasn't responded yet to an ongoing survey.

A first reminder is sent out 7 days before the deadline and a second reminder is sent 2 days before the deadline. The reminder emails look like this:

Reminder email content

Note About Spam Folders

In some cases reminder emails may classified incorrectly and may end up in a spam folder or some other folder, skipping the inbox of the recipient. If you are not receiving email reminders please check your spam folder and make sure there are no automatic rules processing these emails and sending them to the wrong place.

Safeguard for over-notifying

Primalogik 360 applies certain rules before sending out emails to try to reduce the number of emails sent out to each person. If a person already received a notification from the system within the last 5 days, it will not notify again. This means that if you have a survey that got sent with a very short deadline the respondent might not get a reminder email since they already got the invitation within the allocated time period.

Manually forcing an email reminder

You can also manually force sending an email reminder to a specific person by going to the Appraisals and 360° Surveys, then clicking on Edit for the appropriate survey and then using the notification button (an envelop) as seen below: