This guide will show you how to connect to Primalogik once your account administration has configured a user account for you. If you do not have an account, please contact your account administrator to create one for you.

Invitation to login to Primalogik

When you get invited to connect to Primalogik to participate in a 360° feedback survey or a performance appraisal, you will get an email notification with a link back to the app. The email will look something like this:

Click on the link contained in that email to login.

Connecting for the first time

The very first time you connect to Primalogik you will need to confirm your user account and provide a password. The link you receive in this first email will take you to the account confirmation page, where your email address will be displayed. It will look like this:

Follow these steps:

  1. Enter a password (minimum 8 characters)
  2. Press the "Set Password and Login" button.

You will be logged-in automatically and your account will be confirmed. You will be able to connect to Primalogik using that email and password by going to and using the Login option on the top menu.