After pressing the Save button when launching a 360, you will be given the following options:

  • If you press "Yes, send" all participants will be notified by email immediately. The template will look something like this:

The above message is from Primalogik's standard template. If you would like to edit this template, visit Manage Account > Email Contents (first template)

  • If you press "Not this time", the system will hold off on sending any email notifications. When you are brought back to the main launch screen (360 Surveys page), you will notice a large blue box at the top of the screen. You must press "Send notifications" to send the email invites.

Why use "Not this time"? This option is very useful if you plan on inviting someone to participate in multiple reviews. Rather than sending 5 separate emails saying (essentially) "Please review 1 person", the user will receive one single email that says "Please review these 5 people"

Again, if you wish to customize this message, you can do so by going to Manage Account > Email Contents (second template)