Welcome to Primalogik, the world’s most intuitive and simple performance management software! 

This article will explain how to populate your trial version of this software with your company's resources in order to understand how to get the most from Primalogik.

1. Invite Others

Let’s get started by inviting some team members to Primalogik so that we can get a better understanding of what this tool is capable of.

This is especially important for when you want to launch a 360º review, as we'll do later on in the guide. 

You can quickly enter new users using our 'Quick Add' function on the main page.

Add any of your coworkers that will be using Primalogik to this list using either the Quick Add feature or by importing contacts from a spreadsheet, from a Google Account, or with our BambooHR integration. 

2. Create the Questionnaire

You can either choose to create a new evaluation form or to edit an existing one. 

When you edit any form, you'll be able to change the answers, the rating scale, and edit the text area at the top of the questionnaire. 

You'll select what this survey should be used for at the top of the page using the drop-down.

Each question is fully customizable, as are the options for the answers that you'll be able to ask of your team. You'll also be able to re-order the questions from this area.

Editing the question can be done by clicking the pencil button next to the text. You can also rearrange the question by clicking & dragging.

If you're looking to change the options that the user will select from the rating scale, find the "manage rating scales" option at the top of the page.

If you're unsure about the best practices for creating a rating scale that's effective, you can consult the tips that we've added to the top of the Edit Rating Scale section.

Notice that each option you provide is changed in real-time in the system.

You can create as many additional questions and answer options as you need in order to get a full scope of your employee's opinions. 

If you want to create a new question on the fly, you'll find the button to do so following each existing question. Once you click it, you'll be able to select one of the three types of questions: Rating, Free Text, or Multiple Choice. 

You'll use the same steps to create a text box you can generate to leave instructions or offer best practices. 

3. Launch an Appraisal

Now that you've invited your team and you've created some questionnaires, let's look at how easy it is to launch a new Appraisal. 

Select the user you'd like to invite to be sent the questionnaire and choose 'New Appraisal'

Make sure that the user has a manager selected. If not, select the 'Change Manager' option.

Select the review dates for the user and the manager, and choose a questionnaire from the drop-down.

The 360° Surveys section will show you a visual dashboard that lets you see each user's progress at a glance.

4. Launch a 360° Survey

You're almost on your way to becoming a Primalogik Pro. The last step is to launch a 360° Survey. 

To get familiar with this type of survey as it differs from an appraisal, take a quick look at our blog post about it.

From the Appraisals and 360° Surveys screen, select the 'New Survey' button on the far right.

Select the survey you'd like everyone to participate in, and select a deadline.

Next, we will choose the group of raters that will participate in the 360º survey. 

You can choose to search for an individual user, or selects users in groups and teams.

Once you make your selection and press send, all of the raters will receive an email informing them that someone is conducting a 360° feedback survey.