Primalogik integrates with Google Apps in two ways:

  1. Your users can securely log in to Primalogik using their Google account credentials. This means they do not have to remember yet another username and password to login into the system.
  2. Administrators in Primalogik can import user accounts from the Google Apps domain with only a few clicks.

If your organization uses Google Apps you can benefit from this integration with very minimal configuration from your side.

Install Primalogik in your domain

Steps to be completed by a Google Apps domain administrator.

Important! Make sure you already have a user account in Primalogik before doing this. If not, you will end up with a new Free Trial account instead of linking the app to an existing Primalogik account.

In order to allow Primalogik to fetch user accounts from your domain, the Google Apps administrator in your organization (probably someone in the IT department) needs to install Primalogik in the domain.

In the Google Apps admin console, go to Marketplace Apps:

Click on "Add Marketplace Apps":

Find "Primalogik 360" and click on the app:

Click on "Install" and follow the instructions. At the end of the installation process, you will have the chance to load user accounts from your Google domain. You can load all of them or just a subset of users. If you prefer to load the users at a later time, that's fine too.

Important! Make sure your Google Apps domain has "API Access" enabled.

To enable API access, go to the "Security" section within the Google Apps Admin Console, then select "API reference" and select the "Enable API Access" checkbox. The UI looks like this: 

Grant permissions to view users in the domain

Steps to be completed by a Google Apps domain administrator.

The person responsible for maintaining the users in Primalogik will need authorization to pull the user list from the Google Apps domain. If that person is the Google Apps domain administrator, there's nothing else to do since the domain admin has permissions to view the list of users by default. If the person that will maintain the user list in Primalogik is someone else, then you will need to make sure that person has access to the user list via the Google Apps API. This is the privilege that needs to be granted:

To import users from Google into Primalogik please refer to Importing users from Google Apps domain.