Assigning or Changing User privileges

Modified on Mon, 22 Jan 2024 at 03:39 PM

You can assign one or more of the following privileges to any user in the system.

  • Has access to all data in the system, without any restrictions whatsoever
  • Can update payment information and upgrade/downgrade user counts
  • Can manage all account settings (i.e. review cycles, email contents, custom reminders, etc.)
  • Can do everything a user with HR Admin, Opinion Surveys, Questionnaire Management, or User Management privileges can do.
  • Can have a review (appraisal or 360) launched on them
  • Has access to Goals and Instant Feedback modules
  • Can participate in Opinion Surveys
  • Appears in the employee directory.

*Note: It is rare that you want to remove this from a user profile. In most cases, removing this privilege is done for external consultants who are merely working to administer and analyze reviews.

HR Administrator

  • Can launch appraisals and 360s on any employee in the system.
  • Can view results of appraisals and 360s on any employee (except Administrators or other HR Administrators).
  • Can add, edit, or delete goals for any user in the system (except Administrators or other HR Administrators) 
  • Can view instant feedback for any employee who is not an Administrator or HR Administrator (depending on visibility chosen)
HR Assistant
  • Can launch appraisals and 360s on any employee.
  • Can NOT view results of surveys and appraisals on any employee.
  • Can NOT access journal notes for any employee.
  • Can NOT access goals and instant feedback for any employee.
Opinion Surveys
  • Can launch and manage opinion surveys.
  • Can view results of opinion surveys.
Questionnaire Management
  • Can create, modify and delete all questionnaires in the account.
User Management
  • Can add, modify and delete user accounts.
  • Can add, modify and remove teams.

Note: Managers can also launch surveys on any of their subordinates. They do not have to have any special privileges assigned. They are able to do so just by simple virtue of them being assigned as a manager to an employee.

To see who has particular privileges assigned to them in your account, visit the Users page and turn on the Privileges column.

This column can be sorted (by clicking the column header).

To change a user privilege, you can click on the Manage Users page and click on the Edit button to the right of the user requiring a change in privilege. 

Choose the privilege(s) you wish to grant them and then click save at the bottom of the window.

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