Need to wipe your data after doing tests in your trial account? There are a handful of things you'll need to do to purge the data you've collected so far.

*Please note that step 1 must be completed before steps 2 and/or 3. A questionnaire cannot be deleted while a survey associated with it still exists, regardless of whether the deadline has passed or not. A user cannot be permanently deleted from the system if there are any surveys launched on them or if they are a participant submitting feedback on another employee.

1. Delete any surveys that you have already launched

If you have any pilot surveys that you've launched and would like them deleted, click on Feedback > Appraisals and 360 Surveys. Find the user whose survey you would like to delete and click 'Edit' next to their name. You will see all of the survey launch details on that page. To delete the survey, scroll to the bottom and press the 'Delete' button.


2. Delete any unwanted questionnaires

A questionnaire can only be deleted after all surveys associated with it have been deleted. Click on the 'gear' button then choose 'Questionnaires.' If the trash can next to the questionnaire name is greyed out, this means there is still an active survey associated with it. Go back to the Appraisals and 360s page and find the corresponding reviewee associated with this survey and then delete it.

3. Permanently delete any unwanted users

Primalogik has two options when deleting users. The simple delete feature will render the account inactive. Any surveys launched on this user will still remain visible in the system if there are any surveys associated with them. If the users you wish to delete were fake or are no longer part of your organization, you may want to use the permanently delete option. Go to your users list by clicking on the 'gear' button and select 'Users.' Find the account you wish to get rid of and press delete all the way to the right of the person's name. Select the checkbox to permanently delete the user then type in 'delete' when prompted.

If you receive any warning messages such as illustrated below, that means the user is still tied to surveys; either as a target reviewee or as a participant in someone else's survey. Go back to the Appraisals and 360s page to find any surveys they are associated with. Be sure to check all review cycles. You may also receive a warning message if the user has any goals, journal notes, etc. stored on them. Make sure any and all data associated with them has been deleted and then the system will allow you to permanently delete them. This is a safeguard to make sure no important data is lost.