Primalogik 360 offers a valuable and effective tool to keep track of Goals and Objectives for individual employees.

If you don't have the Goals module enabled please look at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to do so.

Each user can access their own goals by using the Goals option:

Managers can also access their employees' goals through the Appraisals page the 360 Surveys page or directly on the Goals page by searching for one of their employees:

Once you open the Goals page you can add a new one, or edit/delete existing ones. The list of goals is displayed and sorted accordingly:

Each goal shows a status, e.g., "Deferred" displayed below, as well as a due date (if provided) and a few controls on the right:

The controls on the right allow you to access the Activity log, the Editor pane and deletion of the goal.

The Activity log shows you all changes made to the goal, as well as giving you the ability to add comments on a regular basis:

You can also track progress on a goal by selecting the track progress option:

Instructions on how to enable the Goals module

If the Goals module described above is not available in your configuration, you can easily enable it by logging in with the Administrator account and going to the Application Modules page on your Manage Account page.