If you use copy/paste to create the questions within a questionnaire, you might have seen that the font size and decorations (bold, italics, etc) might not be what you expected.

For instance, if you were to copy/paste a question from a web page and you simply used control-c/control-v (in Windows), or cmd-c/cmd-v (in Mac), then you would be also copying the font settings from the source document.

Imagine a document looking like this:

If you were to select a question and simply copy/paste it into Primalogik 360, it might look like this:

In order not to paste the formatting from the source document, use shift-control-v in Windows (or shift-cmd-v in Mac) when pasting the data. That way you'll ensure that only the text (and not the formatting) is copied over.

If you have already created a questionnaire that shows strange formatting issues, it could very well be due to the above situation. In cases like that you can clear the formatting by using the clear-format tool as shown below: