If you have a case where you want to modify your 360 survey response and the deadline is not yet expired, please see this document for instructions.

In the case where 360 survey responses have been submitted already and the deadline has passed, the following needs to occur to allow existing responses to be modified.

  1. Make sure the results have not been shared. If they have been shared already, first unshare them, by going to the results and then clicking the Share button
  2. Change the deadline so that it's in the future
At this point, participants can reopen their responses by going to their To Do list and using the Reopen button.
Once responses are updated we suggest that you change the deadline to be in the past so that the survey is closed, and consider re-sharing the results with the employee being reviewed.

See an animated video below showing all the steps outlined above.

Note: if the deadline has not yet expired, follow the instructions found in this document instead.