When employees want to make changes to a self evaluation you may need to extend the deadline to allow them to do so. Extending the deadline of an ongoing appraisal is easy. First, find the survey on your Performance Appraisals page. Press the "Edit" button, enter a new deadline and click "Save". The evaluation already submitted will not be affected and the employee will receive an email notification so that she knows there has been a change.

If you need to update more than one survey's deadline at a time, you can also use the Batch Operations button (see below).

For example, you could update the self-review deadline for the appraisals in a given department by selecting a specific department and then clicking on the "Update appraisals deadline..." option within the "Batch Operations" button. This option will allow you to specify a new self-review deadline for all ongoing appraisals in that department in one operation. This is a big time saver!