From time to time, you may launch an appraisal for an employee without realizing that the manager was not up to date. This is not an issue for the employee since he or she will be able to complete step #1 of the appraisal process (the self-review) with no problems.

Once the employee submits the self-evaluation, the manager will be notified via email. The new manager will be notified as long as you make the change before the employee completes step #1. But what happens if you update the manager after step #1 is completed? In this case, you will also need to update the performance appraisal session itself to update the manager and send the appraisal to the correct manager.

To do that, find the appraisal in your Performance Appraisals page and use the "Edit" button to modify the appraisal. If the manager changed, you will find a notice on top explaining what to do next. You will see something like this:

To make the update, click on "Update Manager" and then on "Save". The appraisal will go to the new manager.