Results are accessible from the Appraisals and 360° Surveys page (accessible from the Assessments top menu). To see feedback on an employee, find them in the aforementioned page and click on the "Results" button.

For more details and a video explaining the different aspects of understanding a 360-degree feedback report, please refer to the article Receiving and tracking progress on results from surveys - video.

The button will be disabled if there are no results for that person yet. As soon as results come in you will be able to access the results page by clicking on the "Results" button. The results page will show you rating averages and consolidates the comments from all raters.

Here's an overview of what the results page looks like:

Here are some details about the contents of each section of the results page:

Filters Section

Filters allow you to quickly segment and filter responses and to specify the data to be used for comparison.

  • Include or exclude responses from an individual employee or a group of employees.
  • Filter self-reviews or manager responses.
  • Compare with different groups of employees or with surveys done in the past.

Summary Section

Shows an overview of the results for each question category defined in your questionnaire.


  • Quickly review overall results with a summary of responses consolidated by each one of the categories defined in your questionnaire.
  • Easily identify gaps or remarkable results by looking at the highlighted results.
  • Use bar charts to see if there are major discrepancies within the responses.

Details Section

Displays results for each individual question. Shows average ratings and comments from all respondents.


  • View averages for for each individual question and see how they compare.
  • View ratings provided by the different groups of raters (self, manager, peers, direct reports, etc...)
  • Gaps are also highlighted.
  • Comments provided by each respondent are shown in a consolidated way to protect anonymity.