When you create a user account, you may want to have the system send out an email with an invitation to confirm the account and log in. In most cases, this is not necessary. Users will be able to confirm their accounts the first time they are invited to provide feedback. So you would send invitations to confirm accounts only to users that need to have access to the system but will not participate in surveys (i.e. they will not provide feedback).

Administrator sends an email invite

To send an invite, make sure you select the "Send an email invite to this user" option when saving a user account (either when you create a new one or when editing an existing account).

The system will send the user an email that contains a special link which allows the user to choose a password. 

User receives email invite and chooses a password

The user is only two clicks away from creating a password and logging in to the system.

First click: The user must click on the link inside the email invite. The email looks like this:

You can configure the content of this email by following the instructions in Customization of emails sent by the application.

Second click: Enter a password and click on "Set password". Done. The user has a password and is now logged in.