This is what users with different privileges can do:

  • Can update payment information and upgrade/downgrade subscription plans.
  • Can manage all account settings (e.g. email contents, review cycles, organization logo, anonymity policy, etc...)
  • Can do everything a user with HR, Opinion Surveys, Questionnaire Management or User Management privileges can do.
  • Can be a subject of instant feedback or opinion surveys.
  • Has access to features like Goal tracking and instant feedback.
  • Information appears in the employee directory.
HR Administrator
  • Can start surveys and appraisals on any employee [1].
  • Can view results of surveys and appraisals on any employee (except other administrators).
  • Can access goals and instant feedback (depending on visibility chosen) for any employee (except other administrators).
HR Assistant
  • Can start surveys and appraisals on any employee [1].
  • Can NOT view results of surveys and appraisals on any employee.
  • Can NOT access journal notes for any employee.
  • Can NOT access goals and instant feedback for any employee.
Opinion Surveys
  • Can start and manage opinion surveys.
  • Can view results of opinion surveys.
Questionnaire Management
  • Can create, modify and delete questionnaires.
User Management
  • Can add, modify and delete users accounts.
  • Can add, modify and remove departments.

[1] Managers can start surveys (and see results) for any employee that belongs to a department they manage. They do not need any privilege to be able to do this.

To configure the privileges edit the particular user account and select the privileges as shown below:

If you want to see who has a particular privilege, add the extra column Privileges in the Users page. You can then sort by clicking on the column label. See the instructional video below for more details.

Instructional video
For more information and thorough understanding of User Management and Privileges please take a look at this document.