In Primalogik, there are multiple different workflows you can set up for appraisals and 360s. By default, Primalogik allows the direct manager to share a review with the employee, and signatures are not requested from anyone.

You have the ability to add some steps to your workflows.

  1. Approvals: Instead of the direct manager being able to press the Share button as soon as the review is completed, you can require approval by the 2nd-level manager (or higher) and/or an HR user.
  2. Signatures: Signatures can be requested from:
  • Reviewee
  • Direct manager
  • 2nd-level manager (or higher) or HR user

In some cases, you may not even want to share the review with the employee in the first place. For instance, if you run probationary reviews after 90-days, you may not want to require sharing, especially if the employee in question will not be continuing with the organization after the probationary period.

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