Welcome to your 30-day free trial to Primalogik's performance management software solution! Here are some helpful tips and articles from our Help Center you can refer to which will maximize your experience with our platform.

Create user profiles!

In order to get a good idea of how the results of an evaluation will look in a 360 report, you'll want to have multiple contributors invited to participate in the survey. Invite a few trusted colleagues to participate by adding user profiles for them. If you click on the 'gear' button towards the top-right of the menu bar, you will see all of the administrative functions of the software. Simply choose the Users page and click Add User to create new user profiles.

The only information that is required to add for each employee is:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail Address

If you would like to assign the individual to a department, you can set up your org chart on our Departments page.

If you'd like to try out the platform solo, another way to test the system would be to use your own personal email address(es).

Click here for more information on user management: 

Understanding user privileges

Logging in for the first time

Launch your evaluations!

Now that you have a few user profiles created, you can send out your evaluations. Primalogik offers two main modules for employee evaluation - Performance Appraisals and 360-Feedback Surveys. Appraisals are direct manager-employee reviews whereas 360s can be used to invite anyone in the organization to review a target employee.

Launching an appraisal

To send out appraisals, click on Feedback > Appraisals and 360 Surveys. Find the employee who you would like to launch an appraisal on. Click the 'New Appraisal' button next to their name. If you've set up your org chart in our Departments page, the system will automatically link the person's respective department manager.

Primalogik performance appraisals consist of a 3-step sequential process:

1. Employee fills out their self-evaluation

2. Manager fills out their portion of the evaluation

3. Results are shared with the employee (by manager or HR user)

Each party will receive an automatic email from the system with a link to the questionnaire when it is their turn to do the appraisal. The employee must fill out the self-evaluation before the manager fills out theirs.

If you haven't established your org chart (or you would like a different person to act as the manager for this review only) you can simply assign a manager by clicking the 'Change Manager' link. The system will prompt you to enter the name of the person you wish to act as the manager for this appraisal only.

If you'd like to set up your org chart so that the system will automatically link the manager to the employee in the future, you can do so on the Departments page. Check out this article for complete information on how to do this: What's the importance of departments in Primalogik 360 in managing access controls?

*Want to use your own custom questionnaires? Design your own from scratch with our easy-to-use questionnaire template tool. Create a new questionnaire here.

Launching a 360-Feedback Survey

Looking to launch a survey on an employee with multiple contributors? Use the 360 module to do just that! This is a great way of capturing feedback from multiple sources and identifying potential areas of improvement. For example, when using rating questions, you'll see a breakdown of average scores based on the respondent groups you've invited:

To send out surveys, click on Feedback > Appraisals and 360 SurveysFind the employee you'd like to have evaluated and choose 'New Survey' next to their name. The system will prompt you to assign deadlines, anonymity settings and participants. Once you click save and press "Yes, send" for notifications, all respondents who have been invited will receive an automatic email with a link to the questionnaire. They will also see the task in their To Do list when they login to the platform.

Here are some relevant articles to help you in setting up 360s:

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Understanding respondent groups (and creating new ones)

Extending the deadline of an ongoing 360 survey

Who can start a 360° feedback survey?

*Want to use your own custom questionnaires? Design your own from scratch with our easy-to-use questionnaire template tool. Create a new questionnaire here.

Try our new optional Goals & Objectives module!

Interested in using our tool for goal & objective setting? We've got you covered. Our Goals module is a tool you can use to set goals and objectives, update your progress by setting different statuses and update percentage complete (if the goal is quantitative). An employee's goals page is automatically accessible to their assigned manager as well as users with HR/Administrative privileges. Since both the employee and manager can update a particular goal at any given time, we keep an activity log to show you all the changes that have been registered over time. While viewing the activity log, both the employee and manager can make comments to elaborate on the progress of the goal in question.

Tip: to access another users' goals page there are a couple places you can go to access them. The easiest is to go to your own goals page and click the arrow icon next to your name. You'll then be able to search for anyone in the organization whose account you have access to (i.e. admin/HR can access everyone whereas managers can only access their direct reports)

This is a living document. You can expect more and more information to be included here over time. You can also refer to the Help Center to find a comprehensive list of articles covering almost any situation you may encounter in the platform. There are tons of features in Primalogik - this is just a starting point.

If at any stage in your trial you have any questions you can always reach out to us during business hours (Monday thru Friday, 9am - 5pm EST) via live chat. You can also e-mail us with technical questions at support@primalogik.com if you cannot find the answer you're looking for in the Help Center.

If you'd like to set up a live demo of the tool with one of our Customer Success Specialists, please feel free to request a demo below. A representative will be in touch with you within 48 business hours.