Note: This is for managers and users with the HR privilege only.

Launching performance appraisals

Initiate performance appraisals on the Performance Appraisals page.

To initiate the Performance Appraisal for an employee, press the "Launch" button. You will then be able to pick a deadline for the self-review and the questionnaire you want to use for this appraisal. Once you click the "Launch" button, the system will send an email notification to the employee.

Launching 360-degree feedback surveys

To start a new 360-degree feedback survey, use the "Launch" button on the 360° Surveys page. You will be asked to provide a deadline, select a questionnaire, and add participants to the list of people you want to ask for feedback from. Once you click the "Save" button you will be asked if you want to send email invites to all the participants.

The system will take care of sending out email reminders to all participants.

For more information about customization of automatic email contents please refer to Customization of emails sent by the application.